It’s an ugly truth: most of the products we love and use everyday contain terrible ingredients that can affect our skin, organs, hair, and overall health. We often don't even look into the products that we are choosing to use on our body's largest organ, and all of the harmful ingredients they contain. Fillers, silicones, phthalates, skin conditioners, parabens, fragrance, formaldehyde and so much more are in our everyday products that are stripping and damaging our skin every day that we use them. 

Aside from external damage, constant use of these products can cause damage to our organs as well, with many products containing chemicals like phthalates that can cause damage to our reproductive systems and skew hormone production, or the fact that most lipsticks contain lead, and just imagine how much lipstick you are ingesting throughout your lifetime. 

These harmful products are not only harmful to us, but the environment and the dangers of animal testing.

Animal testing isn’t necessary for brands and cosmetics, with over 7 thousand ingredients that are proven safe to choose from, these companies test “new” ingredients on animals to boast a “new and improved formula” or a “new, never before used ingredient” to promote sales. The product testing world is a nasty one, and it’s not just rabbits, mice and rats being tested on- but dogs and cats as well. In 2013, 67 thousand dogs were used in animal testing in the United States alone.

Animal testing often involves injecting these animals with chemicals such as botox or other ingredients used in skincare, or applying topical makeup to their skin and observing whether they develop a rash, allergic reaction, or even internal damage. But sadly, this “research”, abuse and underserved pain is often all in vain, as 95% of drugs fail in humans although they worked in animal tests, and of 93 dangerous side effects, only 19% showed up in animal tests.

Committing to clean, green, cruelty free beauty products is not only the ethically right thing to do to help in our fight against animal abuse and cruelty, but it’s good for your body as well. Thanks to the world of social media and the internet, we now have access to information about these painful subjects that help make us aware. Thousands of well-known, high end companies and brands have committed to cruelty free status, making it easier than ever to shop cruelty free. And the rise in popularity of green beauty makes it easier than ever to acquire. Join Edith & June on our journey to clean beauty. Check out the list of green beauty brands to help you get started. 

Edith & June was founded on the idea that using clean beauty doesn’t mean turning into a barefoot hippy, but doing what’s ethically right for the safety of animals, humans, and the earth. Making the switch to clean beauty shouldn't require hours of research and sifting through lists to find out what brands are okay to use. Here, we only feature brands who are clean, green, and cruelty free, so any product/tutorial/review you see is okay to use, making your life so much easier.

Want more information on going Cruelty Free? Check out The Leaping Bunny Certifications and PETA .