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4 Vegan Leather Jackets That Will Fool Everyone

4 Vegan Leather Jackets That Will Fool Everyone

When going cruelty free, some things are harder to find than others, and the perfect (faux) leather jacket is one of those. Yeah, vegan leather jackets exist but more often than not, they look fake or are honestly pretty ugly. Luckily, we found a few that not only look convincingly like a badass biker, but they're also cute.

Free People Drapey Vegan Moto Jacket, $168

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If you're looking for a classic moto jacket with the belt and all of the zipper details- this is the one for you. Surprisingly, a jacket like this that's vegan is hard to find, so while this one comes with a bit of a hefty price tag, it's definitely worth it. 

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Ride On Vegan Leather Cropped Moto Jacket, $80

If you're open to a more colorful option, this gorgeous jacket from NastyGal comes in a variety of colored options from Burgundy, Mustard, Bright Red, and this gorgeous Teal. With a cropped fit and all of the moto details, this is a great Vegan leather option that looks like the real thing.

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Noisy May Leather Look Jacket, $60

While this is definitely a cheaper option on this list, this jacket is a good one for those without a huge budget, or who want the quilted detail in the shoulders that is usually seen on higher end jackets. 

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Express (minus The) Leather Jacket, $128

For those looking for the biker collar detail on their jacket without the MOTO look, Express' got you. With slight quilted detail on the shoulders, and no lapels, this is the perfect low profile leather jacket, and it also comes in 10 colors for any event or season.

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