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5 Products For Sensitive Skin You've Never Heard Of

5 Products For Sensitive Skin You've Never Heard Of

Whether you were born with sensitive skin or suddenly your allergies are causing your skin to act up as well, we've all had the frustrating experience of your skin rejecting all of your favorite products. While many mainstream skincare brands also create products for sensitive skin, sometimes the only thing that can help is bringing it back to the natural products from mother nature. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite natural products for sensitive skin here at Edith and June, and let us know what your faves are down below.

Luxe Apothecary Vitamin C+ White Willow Facial Creme

With antioxidant properties from blueberries helping to prevent breakouts and further acne formation, this moisturizer is a great way to start off the day that also decreases inflammation in the skin and helps control oils. 

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Apoterra Simple Facial Oil with Jojoba Oil + Flowers

If your skin is sensitive to scent, this is the perfect oil for you. It's unscented, so no inflammation there, plus it has balancing properties to help keep your skin the perfect middle ground between oily and dry. With safflower oil to help heal any current blemishes or acne scarring, this is a heaven scent healing product. 

Ranavat Organic Jasmin Tonique

If you're looking for a new toner or facial spray, this jasmine scented one from Ranavat is perfect. The gentle scent also helps to calm nerves as well as your skin to keep inflamation down and hydration up. 

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Fig + Yarrow Cleansing Nectar

One of our favorite cleansers to get skin clean without stripping, this lavender and willowbark rich cleanser is soft on skin while being tough in impurities. It's healing properties stemming from botanical ingredients help to tremendously increase skin's glow without being too rough on it's texture. 

Apothecanna Calming Creme

Formulated with lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, this cannabis based lotion is perfect for calming sensitive skin on arms, legs and chest. The soothing ingredients help to calm and nourish skin, while preventing dyness for further redness. 

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