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Founded on the idea that going clean doesn’t mean turning into a barefoot hippy, but doing what’s ethically right for the safety of ourselves in a luxe way.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Where To Shop

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Where To Shop

Going cruelty free is a huge (and great) step to help animals and the environment, but it's not the only step you can take towards an ethically sustainable lifestyle. What we wear is another example of daily objects that can be painful to shed light on when it comes to the manufacturing. Clothes from most manufacturers come from cheap factories in Asia where workers labor in terrible conditions, for terrible pay, and long hours to make ends meet at home. While some manufacturers are attempting to change ways and implement better ethics in where their clothes are sourced from (Including H&M for those on a budget, look here) so many just don't care. 

If you're looking to overhaul your wardrobe, or just add a few pieces, we can help you find the perfect brand for you.

Undies: Anekdot

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This Swedish lingerie brand is making waves in sustainable fashion with beautiful, dainty pieces for everyone. They use surplus materials from closing factories, or those who made purchasing errors or miscalculations., as well as deadstock and vintage pieces. Each item is individually handcrafted and is never produced on a mass scale. 

Shop here

Professional Wear: Eileen Fisher

If you're looking to being a little ethicality into your everyday office look, Eileen Fisher is the brand for you. While it's not cheap, Eileen Fisher makes exceptional knits and sweaters for the winter season as well as other workwear must-haves like trousers and coats. All of her factories are located in the US, and they use Organic linen and Cotton (Arizona grown) for their pieces, along with recycled and sustainable fibers, natural dyes, and fair trade for any other fabrics they need. They have a 2020 Vision that you can read about here, where they call for human rights and sustainability in the fashion world. 

Shop here. 

Minimalist: Kowtow

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For those who love minimalist and Nordic fashion, Kowtow is the one for you. Kowtow uses fairtrade cotton that is organically farmed and free from GMO, as well as being handpicked and rain fed. Their buttons are made from recycled hemp and their prints meet the standards for Organic Textiles. All packaging is also recyclable. 


Comfort & Home: Raven + Lily

Created to alleviate poverty among women, Raven + Lily has hired over 1500 women in impoverished countries who now make fair trade wages in safe environments and receive healthcare and educations. They employ artisans from all over the world to create the items sold in their stores, that include candles, jewelry, leather goods, bags, and clothes. 

Shop here.

Funky & Fashionable: Reformation

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One of the best known sustainable brands out there, Reformation is set on changing the clothing industry one piece at a time. By sourcing sustainable and vintage materials and only manufacturing by real people in the U.S, Reformation is hoping to lead the reformation in the clothing industry. While pieces can be expensive, you can be sure that the clothing is sustainable, recycled, and ethically sound.

Shop here.

The Classic: Levi's

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With some of the best vintage denim on the market, everyone knows the Levi's name, but what a lot of people don't know is their sustainability initiative that is up to par with smaller brands and ethics-focused brands. Sourcing better cotton for jeans and t shirts, as well as using less water to produce thier products is what makes Levi's different from other well known fashion brands. They also have a human conscious side of sustainability, by helping workers with their education, healthcare and family wellbeing. 



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