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Fenty Beauty: What To Hit and What To Skip

Fenty Beauty: What To Hit and What To Skip

When Fenty Beauty hit the shelves, it was unlike any other makeup release. The outpouring support and product demand was huge, and Sephora shelves felt the impact with he amount of traffic instore and online on the day of release. But with any other hyped release, it can be easy to fall victim to the excitement and end up purchasing products that aren't actually that good. Today, were giving you the highlights of the Fenty beauty line along with the products you should definitely skip, from our editors to you. 

What to Hit:


One of the best products in the entire line, the No Filt'r Primer creates a smooth yet hydrating base for makeup and helps uneven skin look, well, filtered.  

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These Duo-sided highlighters are perfect for girls who like an everyday look, or something a little more glam. Instead of having to buy 2 highlighters for day and night, everything you need is in one compact- which is also awesome for travel.

Gloss Bomb

Another product that was a hit from the start, this universal lipgloss shade made for light and dark skins, is sticky without being annoying and truly makes lips look juicy and delicious. The rosey color is flattering on everyone and is perfect for dresses up looks, or an everyday shade. 

Blotting Powder

An interesting product in itself, this "blotting powder" is the idea of no blotting sheets, just a touch up powder that will help throughout the day. It's not a genius idea, but the slim packaging helps to keep it covert in your purse. 

What to Skip:


Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.45.29 AM.png

Match Sticks

So, the match sticks were one of the most hyped products of this release, and are a genius product in theory. Magnetic cream sticks that can be used for blush, highlight, conceal, contour and eyeshadow sounds great, but in execution these products aren't that great. Pigmentation is good, but they tend to disappear into the skin when blended, and take a lot of effort to actually blend. 

Cover photo source: @karenmbb

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