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K-Beauty: Some of The Best

K-Beauty: Some of The Best

One of the biggest trends in 2017 was Korean Beauty, and to models and actresses with great skin, this was Hollywood's best-kept secret. The steps and products in Korean skincare keep oily skin in control, and dry skin hydrated, hence the smooth, glowing appearance of Korean women's skin. Amazingly, South Korea is on the road to national cruelty-free status, they will be phasing out all animal testing by 2018, and has been in the works for quite some time.

In celebration, we're showing you some of our favorite cruelty free Korean Beauty bits, from makeup to skincare.


AmorePacific Cushion Compact, $60

An awesome alternative to the Lancome Cushion Foundation, this Cushion compact is one of the OG Korean makeup staples, providing light, color correcting coverage, and hydration to skin. 

Koh Gen Do Aqua Illuminator, $42

Koh Gen Do is a great brand to explore for cruelty-free k-beauty, as most of their products are well-loved cult classics, including their aqua foundation. This highlighting take on their original foundation can be used on top of, in place of, or added to foundation to add a natural, wet glow to the skin.

Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water, $29

This all natural cleansing water will help to balance sensitive and combination skin while removing any excess dirt, makeup and pollution is skin. This can be used as a micellar water, or after makeup remover for an extra deep clean. 


Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Beauty Essence, $47

One of the most unique steps in Korean Skincare is the water essence, which for dry skin, is heaven sent. A cross between a gel and a water, this essence goes on under moisturizer and helps to prime skin for moisture and keep it locked all day underneath makeup, and overnight for soft, touchably smooth skin in the morning. 

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