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Which Zoeva Brush set is for you?

Which Zoeva Brush set is for you?

When I started doing makeup, the #1 piece of advice that Youtubers and makeup artists always gave was to invest in your tools, because without quality tools, the paint will fail. After struggling with eco-tools brushes for a few months, I realized they were right and the brush search began.

One of the best brands on the market is Zoeva, a German brand that was created by Zoe Boikou after she wasn’t able to find affordable, yet high quality brushes. Now Zoeva is going on it’s tenth year in business, and offers everything from makeup to multiple brush sets- but which one is right for you?

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Bon Voyage Set: If you travel often and need a quick set that has all of the essentials, this one’s for you. It holds a foundation brush, blush/bronzer brush and two eye brushes for a quick and simple eye look.

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 Rose Gold Luxury Set: First of all, look how beautiful this set is. Wow. Second, it has any brush you’d need as a makeup enthusiast. 5 face brushes, 2 eyeshadow, and an angled liner brush

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Vegan Prime Set: Even better than cruelty free, this Vegan set is comprised of soft, synthetic bristles 5 face brushes including blush, foundation, bronzer, cream blush, and 2 different types of concealer. This set also has 5 different eye brushes, including an angled liner brush that can be used for eyebrows.

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Rose Gold Makeup Artist Bag: While this isn’t a set that the average gal will use, if you’re a cruelty-free makeup artist, a set like this is much needed. This 30 brush set has every type of brush you could ever need for any event, and it will look pretty as hell in your kit too.

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