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Our Top 5 Products from Stila Cosmetics

Our Top 5 Products from Stila Cosmetics

It’s always something to celebrate when a brand with great products goes cruelty free, and this past March, Stila Cosmetics made the push to go fully cruelty free by pulling their products out of the chinese market. We’re popping the champagne today with a roundup of our favorite Stila products, and with a brand like this, it was hard to pick.

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Most beauty girls know Stila Cosmetics for their world-renowned Kitten eyeshadow that everyone raved about in the early youtube days. It’s the perfect creamy-champagne color that’s not too pink or yellow, just perfect. But it’s not just Kitten that’s a win, almost any Stila eyeshadow from matte to shimmer is creamy, pigmented and perfectly blendable. The Eyes are the Window to the Soul palettes are a must have for any eyeshadow lover, with a set of 12 perfect eyeshadows at $50, and warm, cool, and smoky palettes to choose from, it’s a steal.

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Stila wowed us all in 2016 when they released the Magnificent Metals liquid eyeshadows and giving us the comeback of the century. Make sure to use glitter glue with it (Too Faced makes a great one!) and it will stick no problem, without the messy glitter bomb.

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 Possibly our favorite Stila product on this list, their take on a cream blush is the perfect formulation. Pigmented, but not unbearably so with the creamiest texture we’ve ever felt, it’s like velvet on your cheeks, and they never dry out.

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Liquid liner is every girl’s worst enemy. But Stila makes it easy with the Stay All Day Liquid Liner pen. Just swipe, swipe, swipe and go, it dries matte in seconds and you’re out the door.

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The underdog of the liquid lipstick releases back in 2015, Stila released these lipsticks with their new packaging and they flew off the shelves. Never drying, but always matte, these lipsticks are the perfect formulation for everyday lipstick livin.

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