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Glossier Generation G Lipsticks: What We're Thinking

Glossier Generation G Lipsticks: What We're Thinking

It’s something every girl on the go needs: an easy lipstick that has some color (but doesn’t require a mirror for application), keeps lips hydrated (but doesn’t smear), and that just looks natural (but doesn’t wash you out.) Enter: Glossier’s Generation G Matte Lipsticks, boasting the look and feel of a just blotted lipstick, and offered in 6 of the most “perfect” shades. In our eyes, they’re also a cruelty free version of the DiorAddict lip glows, so if you’re looking for a replacement, keep reading the pros and cons below.


Great Color Selection

The Generation G lipsticks come in 6 shades: Cake (a peachy-nude), Like ( a cool-toned light pink), Crush (hot pink), Jam (a warm berry), Zip (poppy red) and Leo (soft cocoa brown).

Perfect if you don’t like traditional lipstick

If the lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss routine isn’t for you, these are the perfect lipstick to throw on out the door. Forgot your lipstick? Generation G.

Evens out lip pigmentation

It sucks when your lips have uneven pigmentation, one section's light pink, another part’s more...brown? Swiping on one of the nude shades of the Generation G lipsticks can help even that out for a natural, but even look.



Can Be Drying

For those of us with lips on the drier side, we might find these lipsticks to be a little too drying for HG status. QUICK FIX: Using Glossier’s The Balm Dot Com underneath the Generation G lipstick can totally solve that problem.

Packaging Sucks

The biggest sensation when looking at reviews of this product is the fact that they constantly fall loose from the tube, or that the tube cuts into them, making a mess. Yeah, that sucks, but maybe not a deal breaker? QUICK FIX: If you’re lipstick falls out of the tube, get one of the small cosmetic pots from your local drugstore and smoosh the product in until it’s more of a balm type packaging. Annoying, but workable.

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