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ColourPop Cosmetics: The Top 4

ColourPop Cosmetics: The Top 4

Right know, ColourPop cosmetics is taking over our Insta feeds. A british cosmetics company that sports innovative cushion products, ColourPop Cosmetics comes at a ridiculously cheap price tag- less expensive than even most drugstore brands (and obvs cruelty-free-Yes!). After testing some of these products we're giving you our faves.


LippieStix Lipstick in Brink

The perfect nude shade for almost every skintone, this creamy lipstick goes on velvety smooth and lasts all day for that put-it-on-and-forget shade.

SuperShock Eyeshadow in Summer Solstice

These eyeshadows have us heart-eye-emoji and drooling on our desks, honestly. An amazing choice for summer or fall, these four shades have a soft, cloud-like texture that make blending easy and although they're easy to apply for beginners, they don't lack the pigment you need as a professional.

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SuperShock Blush in Holiday

With the same cushy texture as the eyshadows, the super shock blushes are some of the most belndable blushes we've ever seen. THey give an airbrushed look because of the soft texture, and melt into the skin for a natural flush.

Ultra Matte Lipstick in LAX

While a lot of the Ultra Matte Lipsticks can be hit or miss in their formulation (some shades dry a bit crusty, not completely pigmented, or leave lips feelings dry.) This shade, in the perfect chocolatey dark brown, is pure perfection. Goes on smooth with awesome pigment and dries matte without hurting your lips. 


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