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Founded on the idea that going clean doesn’t mean turning into a barefoot hippy, but doing what’s ethically right for the safety of ourselves in a luxe way.

by Rosie Jane Perfumes

by Rosie Jane Perfumes

The hunt for fragrances that look great on your vanity, smell great on you and that are natural and cruelty-free can be so hard, but brands like by Rosie Jane can make it a little easier. Focused on eco-luxury and using pure and natural ingredients, Rosie Jane creates their perfumes in small batches to ensure the best scent they can. Check out our trial below to find out the details on each scent.

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Leila Lou 

Leila Lou is for those who like a clean light scent that sings Springtime. With heavy pear notes, as well as jasmine and fresh cut grass, Leila Lou will have you smelling deliciously fruity in a subtle way, perfect for a day in the sun. 

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Inspired by the scents of Summer, Tilly is an enticingly warm and inviting, with fruity notes as well as a touch of coconut heat. It's sensual without being musky or floral, perfect for girls who want a little something, but not too much. 

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The namesake of the whole collection, Rosie is a homey, vanilla rose scent inspired by the crispness of Winter. It's rosey without being unbearably sweet, with more of a green scent than floral. Nude Musk tamps down the sweetness, while still letting the Moroccan rose shine through. 

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For those of us who love Autumn, James is the musky scent you need under all of those layers. Fig and Amber shine in this warm, woodsy scent that smells like a homey candle in perfume form. James smells like hot cocoa at an outside bonfire, and everyone at Edith & June was a huge fan of this scent. 

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