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Pink Potions

Pink Potions

It's all about the pop of color on a Monday Morning to get your week going, and one of our favorite shades: Millenial Pink. Below we'll be showing you our favorite pink products, from skincare to body care and candles in our favorite shade.


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Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Essence

If you love pink packaging, Saturday Skin is the brand for you to invest in. Based on Korean skincare, Saturday Skin is all about hydration, especially when it comes to their beauty essence- a popular K-Beauty step. Before moisturizing and after toning, press the essence into skin to boost hydration and prime skin for your moisturizer to help it sink in. 

Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisture Creme

This new release from Herbivore is a lightweight daytime moisturizer with just the right amount of glow. With pure ingredients like rosewater, aloe, and white tea to keep skin soft and supple, this pink staple will leave you looking amazing day and night.

Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist

Helping to boost skin's natural radiance through natural, organic ingrediants, this balancing rose mist is best used for hydration, melting makeup into the skin and combatting any redness. 


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Herbivore Coco Rose

This body polish not only smells delicious but looks awesome on your vanity as well. With a pinky-peach color under minimalist packaging, it's a great guest bathroom bonus or kee it in the master for yourself- it'll leave your skin soft and hydrated all year long. 

Ouai Rose Body Oil

Don't let the hydration stop there! With the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, you'll not only smell unbelievable, but you'll be silky smooth as well from head to toe, with a quick dry formula. 

Home Scent

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Diptyque Rose Delight Candle

This limited edition candle will not only look beautiful in your home, but smell amazing as well. A cross between the Diptyque classic Rose scent and that of a Turkish Delight, this candle is sweet and floral that will fill your home without being too overpowering. 

BoySmells Cedarstack Candle

While this candle is not completely pink, a touch of black never hurt anybody, and the classic look and unique scent is enough to justify the dark background. If floral isn't your taste, Boy Smells candles are a great brand to check out- with scents from Redwood to Cedarstack, a woodsy vibe is all yours. 

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Rifle Paper Co. Candle in Jardin

With the idea to smell like a French Garden making this the best candle ever, you'll be able to bring Spring into your home early, with a fresh, earthy scent without the fake flower perfume. 

3ina: Future in a Brand

3ina: Future in a Brand

by Rosie Jane Perfumes

by Rosie Jane Perfumes