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Founded on the idea that going clean doesn’t mean turning into a barefoot hippy, but doing what’s ethically right for the safety of ourselves in a luxe way.

The Interview: Jessica Salazar

The Interview: Jessica Salazar

When it comes to ethical living, there isn't a better blogger to follow right now than Jessica Salazar of All There August. An advocate for animal and human rights, Jessica is a vegan blogger and foodie who focuses on the most ethical style she can manage.


I discovered the lifecycle of garments, what goes into my food and how products were made or tested. I’m naturally a curious person, so I decided to educate myself with a combination of research, from documentaries to articles. I found out every single piece of clothing as well as every product has a consequence on people, animals, and the environment in its own way. Some positively while others have a negative outcome. To me an ethical lifestyle is cruelty-free, meaning, no animals or humans were harmed in the making of an item. An ethical lifestyle (in retail) may also mean the fabrics are eco or sustainable, the brand believes in a sustainable business model, it's local or handmade and there is a charity or positive cause that benefits from a purchase.  There are a lot of aspects that you may consider (and that a brand may consider) as you decide to go the cruelty-free route. I knew that I could not wear something if it meant someone or animal had to suffer for it and that’s what caused the change and inspired me. As you explore the ethical word as I did you will learn what makes you tick. I believe that if individuals learn more about where their goods are coming from it leads to a positive purchase. 


I’m a wanderer. So instead of just one favorite place, I choose “curiosity” as my favorite state of mind. Being curious about and wandering around the cities best local boutiques or thrift shops leads me to great finds.  I Google places then I’m off. This goes from restaurants to retail shops I stay curious and drift. Yes, you will find duds but you will also find really amazing things too. I just like to take that chance.


A combination of vegan and cruelty-free top shelf brands you will always find in my bag are Kat Von D, Tarte, Urban Decay, Too Faced and (just added) It Cosmetics. I’ve been a fan of these brands for a while now but I recently tried It Cosmetics because (I love trying new brands) and I wanted to see what their CC Cream was all about. I’m currently using it and loving the way it makes my skin feel so far. Searching for “Budget Friendly” Cruelty-free Finds, some of my favorites are Wet n Wild, Pacifica, NYX Cosmetics, Yes to Carrots, Shea Moisture, and EcoTools. I have oily (at times combination) skin and when I use eyeshadow without primer I would get creases on my eyelids. So I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on my lids before I put anything on. This product is vegan and a game changer for me because I no longer find creases on my lids and it helps my eye makeup stay in place.

The Routine

I believe that taking care of your body is a full routine inside and out. So, in order for me to feel healthy, I make sure to eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and water. I either eat them as is or in a smoothie. What you put in your body is your fuel. So if you put in healthy fuel it will show. This leads us into my beauty routine, I always cleanse my face before bed just to wash away the day. At night, when I wake and after workouts, making sure your face is clean and actually caring for it is important. After washing I moisturize, it’s key to moisturize your face and neck and think of them as one. I also make an effort to go without makeup.  I’ve gone a week without makeup before just to give my face a rest. I believe it's vital for your skin to breath and take breaks, while also kind of liberating.

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To all the people that want to make this transition whether it be a vegan diet, wearing vegan fashion, using cruelty-free items or all the above I would say be passionate and believe in yourself. Passion and change go hand-and-hand. If you are curious then do it. At times you will feel alone and you will struggle. I wish I could sit here and say it’s super easy and everyone will get why you are doing it and you won’t battle with your inner thoughts. You will, everyone on this journey has their own path and self-battles. It’s your choices though, every single day that you make and commit to. It’s the willpower you possess and knowing that any change (vegan or not) takes determination, focus and most importantly your passion. The hardest thing is letting go of what you once knew and used. That is the absolute hardest because that means change, but it is also the beautiful thing in this journey. I now know that when I use a product or wear a certain fashion item no animals were harmed. I’m learning everyday. I am not perfect and I do my research but it’s about being aware and then acting on that knowledge. You are letting go of one thing to bring a positive thing into your life, so for me, it is worth it.

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