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The Must Have Clean Scent That We're Obsessed With

The Must Have Clean Scent That We're Obsessed With

As I’ve recently run out of my favorite (but not clean) perfume, I’ve been on the hunt for something that I’ll love but won’t have to potentially sacrifice my health for. The hardest part about finding a scent is finding one that not only smells good on me, but is the vibe that I’m going for day in and day out. That’s where Skylar perfume came in.

First off, Skylar is a six free brand, so that means that there’s no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal derived ingredients, and no synthetic dyes. For anyone that has issues finding a scent they aren’t allergic to, Skylar is a hypoallergenic brand that curates the perfect mix of natural and safe synthetics so that their products are some that everyone can wear.

Skylar’s whole concept is the idea that you can mix and match and layer their scents to create your perfect, unique scent tailored to you that no one else will have. The perfumes are light enough to layer without being overwhelming and all blend unbelievably well on top of one another.

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Skylar was kind enough to send me their sample set to try out some of the scents before I committed to a full bottle, and surprisingly, I loved every single scent.

Arrow is a spicy, warm scent with a little bit of a sweet punch like warm cinnamon. This was a great one to layer over some of the fresher scents in the evening for a more sophisticated note.

Capri is orangey, fruity, fresh and tropical like a relaxing summer afternoon. This one was great as a base for any of the other scents to start off with something fresh and light. I’m typically not a fan of citrus scents but I can’t wait to wear this in the summertime.

Coral is another fruity scent with a note of floral over top. This is a warmer version of capri that reminds me of a sunny day somewhere hot but beautiful. This one was lovely mixed with Meadow for a sunny, green vacation.

Isle is bright, clean and beachy. It’s standing on the jetty looking down at the crashing waves and breathing in everything around you. This is a great scent to add to sweeter perfumes to tone it down and add a calmer, cooler feel.

Meadow is possibly my favorite scent in the set, I mixed this with so many of the others the first week I wore these because I just couldn’t get enough. This one smells like running through a meadow in early spring with dew on the grass and the flowers are just opening up. It’s floral without that chemical “fragrance” scent like Marc Jacobs Daisy. A truly organic floral scent.

Willow is tied with Meadow as my favorite scent in this collection. The mossy, green aroma that reminds me of a woodsy morning walk. This one is amazing with any of the other scents to add a greener angle and bring you back to the mainland from an Island.

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The Combinations I Love

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing a combination each day and seeing how they wear throughout the day. While all of them lasted for most of my day, I did top up if I went from day to night and was out all day. After trying them all, here are some of my favorite combinations that I found myself wearing over and over:

Capri & Isle: A calm, fruity scent that had me feeling fresh and light even when I was running to catch the train.

Arrow & Capri: This is a gorgeous combination for nighttime that makes you smell like a spicy, candlelit dinner on an Italian island. Yep. It’s gorgeous, sexy and dreamy.

Meadow & Coral: Possibly my favorite combination, this super sweet and fresh fragrance is something I’ve been wearing everyday- i't’s professional but still warm, sweet and light.

Finding Your Signature Scent

We recommend picking up the sample set, it’s $20, but also includes a $20 voucher towards your full sized Skylar perfume and gives the opportunity to mix and match the scents before you buy. When you receive your set, where each scent separately first to figure out how each one smells on your skin, and what combinations you think will work for you. Maybe you’re an island girl who loves Coral & Capri, or you’re more of a green garden person who prefers Willow & Meadow, it’s totally customizable and unique to you!

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