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The Worst Cosmetic Ingredients For Your Body- And Why You Need To Ditch Them

The Worst Cosmetic Ingredients For Your Body- And Why You Need To Ditch Them

We've all heard it from a friend who's an avid of clean beauty, or even just natural deodorant: "Do you know what's really in that stuff?" Looking quizzically at your MAC makeup bag or Dove deodorant. Though, like millions of women across the world, you'll probably shrug it off- you've also come to this article for a reason. Curiosity. Maybe a bit of panic. 

And, sadly, the truth is that your health-nut of a friend is completely right, you should be asking yourself if you really know what's in that stuff, because you probably don't.

Today, we're showing you a few chemicals that are likely in almost every product in your makeup bag that, whether it's linked to some type of cancer or not, has a few other viable reasons that you shouldn't be putting it near your body. 


This is probably one of the most heard of "bad ingredients" even for people bot in the clean beauty community. You've probably seen makeup or cosmetic packaging that says "Formulated without Parabens!" more than once on your trip to the local drugstore, and there's a really good reason for that. Parabens are a popular preservative used in hair products and makeup and can be in labels under several different names. However, this is one of the most dangerous ingredients to women as it has been linked to hormone disruption for women who use parabens on a regular basis. This effects how you sleep, eat, your moods and your sex drive, and is very dangerous to your overall wellbeing. 


Like parabens, Phthalates are linked to hormone disruption in women, and are often used and listed as a type of fragrance on cosmetics. 

Chemical Suncreens

When looking for an SPF for everyday use, there are two types: Chemical and Mineral. While they both have pros and cons, chemical sunscreens can cause serious irritation to some women and have been linked to disrupt hormones as well. We recommend using a mineral sunscreen, and for more information we love this video by Ingrid Nilsson explaining the differences between different types of sunscreens and the best of each. 


Don't even ask us to pronounce this, but it's a major one for ingredients to stay away from. Used in a lot of leave-in products such as masks and conditioners, it's banned in the EU and can cause skin allergies as well as damage to the nervous system. Yikes!


While this ingredient isn't terrible for your body, we wanted to put it on the list as it's in many moisturizers and really all it is is a filler. Dimethiconol is a skin conditioning agent used to soften the surface of the skin and create the appearance of supple, hydrated skin. In reality, this ingredient prevents the product from penetrating the skin's surface and doesn't hydrate your skin at all which can lead to wrinkles and advanced aging.


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