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Founded on the idea that going clean doesn’t mean turning into a barefoot hippy, but doing what’s ethically right for the safety of ourselves in a luxe way.

Clean Beauty At: Violet Grey

Clean Beauty At: Violet Grey

When it comes to luxury beauty, Violet Grey has become the go-to retailer both online and at their LA location. With a rigorous approval code to only stock the best of the best of every brand and products that really work. Not surprisingly, Violet Grey also stocks a good amount of clean beauty products, and you can be sure that they're the creme de le creme of green cosmetics. 

Indie Lee

Violet Grey only stocks three products form this all-natural skincare brand: the brightening cleanser, the blemish stick, and the blemish lotion. If you have acne-prone skin, the blemish stick is a must-have in your on-the-go makeup bag as it can be applied throughout the day to new or existing spots, helping to reduce them immediately. Then overnight, use the blemish lotion to dry out the spots for round the clock zit-zapping power. 

Jillian Dempsey

If you're interested in Jillian Dempsey products, Violet Grey is a great place to start your obsession. They have exclusive lid tint sets and shades that are only available at Violet Grey, as well as the brand new cheek tints in every color. These creamy washes of color are great for those who like a dewy finish, or who have dry skin. 

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May Lindstrom

For someone who is interested in May Lindstrom skincare, Violet Grey is a place to start because of the finely chosen products that are available on the site. They feature her famous Honey Mud masque cleanser, a great preventative for dry skin, as well as her Problem Solver correcting Masque, designed to jump-start circulation and bring down any inflammation including redness, acne, and eczema. 

Pai Skincare

Another great option for those with sensitive skin, Violet Grey almost exclusively features the items from the Pai range for sensitive skin. From the Camellia & Rose gentle cleanser to the Chamomile & Rosehip calming day cream, there's a step-by step routine for those with red, itchy, or just sensitive skin. 

Ilia, Kjaer Weis, Kosas and Tata Harper

The rest of the clean beauty crew at Violet Grey includes the entire Kjaer Weis and Kosas lines, with selective pieces from Ilia and Tata Harper, two of our favorite and most features brands at Edith & June. 

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