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July Haul: The Review

July Haul: The Review

Moon Juice Plumping Jelly Serum

This silky soft serum is a great, light layer in the evening to use after cleansing. It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving a plumped, while slightly sticky surface. Once you apply your moisturizer on top and let that sink in, you can really feel the deep hydration in the skin. While a lot of serums tend to have a thinner consistency, the jelly texture of this allows you to easily massage it into the skin. While it sounds like a serum made specifically for dry skin, I would also recommend this for those with oily skin, as it leaves a hydrated, but not oily finish to the skin. 

ACURE Brilliantly Brightening Night Cream

We absolutely loved the partner scrub to this moisturizer, and when we saw this little travel mini, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it. With a strong herbal scent, this moisturizer has a medium consistency- not too thick but not thin either, and massages easily into the skin. However, we didn't see a lasting result on the skin in the morning, and while it didn't completely dry out the skin, it didn't add any glow or extra hydration to the skin. To this with oily or naturally glowing skin, this moisturizer would be a good high street clean beauty alternative to higher priced, thicker creams.

Herbivore Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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One of the best things in this haul, this facial roller did everything that we were asking for. While facial rollers are proven to add elasticity, firmness, and dew to the skin, we were more interested in the effects on sinus headaches and migraines. Prior to using this, one of our editors suffered from sinus headaches nearly every other day due to the built up fluid in her sinuses. After using this for a month, she has had no sinus headaches as long as she uses this twice a day to push the fluid from those pockets. Plus, she's noted some added firmness to her neck and jawline, an added bonus!

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner

When we first saw that one of our favorite brands- The Beauty Chef, had a skincare product, we just had to try it. This probiotic skin refiner is a chemical exfoliant to help even skin tone and and provide a smooth, supple canvas for moisturizer. If you're a user of the Pixi Glow Tonic and are looking for a clean alternative- this is it. This skin refiner has left our skin soft and smooth on otherwise bumpy parts of our face. If you don't mind an apple cider vinegar scent, this skin refiner is the perfect after-cleanser tool to ensure baby soft skin.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Mousse 

Three months ago, we tried the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning water, and although the tan it left us with was ultra glowy and super natural looking, it was really streaky, and it was hand to note where the water actually was blended in, as it's completely transparent. We found that the water is best used hand-in-hand with the mousse as a touch up. Applying the mousse with a mitt gave us a natural, golden tan that developed overnight with no streaks or splotches (thanks to our bullet-proof tanning routine: post coming soon) and if we did miss a spot, we sprayed a bit of the water, rubbed it in, and by lunch time, our tan was immaculate. 

Leahlani Mermaid Mask

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One of our all-time favorite clean beauty brands, Leahlani does it again with another oerfect mask. At Edith & June, we have never seen results like we have with the Leahlani Mermaid Mask (and our other fave, the Meli-Glow). Scoop out a bit of the green paste into your hands and emulsify between the fingertips with a bit of warm water. Spread all over the face and let sit for 15-25 minutes. This is a great mask to do before a night out or in the morning before a big day, as when it's washed off, it leaves the skin absolutely glowing. Our skin has never looked so good!

HUM Glow Sweet Glow Gummies

We recently picked up these gummies to try because, honestly, they look so cute! These tangerine-flavored gummies are completely vegan and boast that your skin will be glowing after one bottle. Made with Vitamin C, E, and hyaluronic acid, these gummies work with natural ingredients to help skin get the nutrients it may be missing. But do they work? Absolutely. After using this for just a month, our dry patches are completely gone, even the pesky ones that we weren't able to hide, and our skin glows, naturally. These gummies are the real deal! 

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