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How To Use Facial Oils- The Right Way

How To Use Facial Oils- The Right Way

Right now, many brands are releasing facial oils as their answer to dry skin. It's an extra layer of protection against dry patches and flakes for those who can't seem to get rid of them, but if you're not using them right, they can make your dry patches worse. Recently, we learned a few tips that have changed our skincare game for the better. Keep reading to find out how to properly use your oils for the dewiest, bounciest results.

Dampen The Face Before Application

Think of your face as a sponge- applying something to a dry sponge causes it to sit on the surface, with only 5-10% of the product ever being absorbed. However, if the sponge is wet, all of that product becomes absorbed. Think of your skin in the same way- if you apply your serum, oil or moisturizer onto moistened skin, it will sink in so much better than if put on dry skin. We suggest using a facial mist to spritz the face, or not patting your face dry after cleansing. 

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Mix in a Facial Spray when Applying

This trick was something we heard about through Leahlani skincare, and it has changed our oil game completely. Because oils can be so heavy, diluting them with a facial mist helps your skin to absorb the oil better and quicker. We use one pump of oil with 4-5 sprays of our favorite facial mist and it makes a huge difference in absorption by the skin. 

Try: Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist

Press Into the Skin, Don't Rub

After combining the oil with a facial spray, rub your hands together and then press the oil into your face carefully and firmly. Your skin should look quenched and soft after application, not too greasy or shiny. If you feel your skin does look greasy, try applying more facial mist and patting that into the skin to help dilute the oil further. 

Use A Great Oil

Obviously, using a great oil that's geared towards your needs will help to reach your most desirable skin. We love any of the Leahlani beauty oils, especially her Aloha Ambrosia morning moisture elixir for underneath makeup. At night, we are loving the La Prunier Plum Beauty Oil- it smells like chocolate raisins, and leaves our skin so glowy and evenly toned at night. 

Try: La Prunier Plum Beauty Oil


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