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Bright Lip Phobia: How We Beat It

Bright Lip Phobia: How We Beat It

We know the drill: you put together your outfit with a gorgeous red lip in mind, apply all of your makeup, and then when it's time to put on that pop of color you have some #RedLipRegret. What if it rubs all over my face during that big meeting? What is it dries up and my lips look terrible? What if it's just too bright and everyone stares?

We've been there, but we've also beaten our bright lip phobia when it comes to every day, or just that special occasion you're excited to wear neon pink for. Below we've rounded up our top tips for wearing a bright lip to ensure a not-so-traumatizing experience. 

Apply, Blot, Repeat

One of our favorite ways to wear a bright lip is to mattify and dull down the color with a tissue or cotton pad. Applying a super pigmented lip color and then dabbing it off carefully leaves the lips with the most beautiful- and less shocking- finish. The secret to a crisp, but dull lip? Use a lip liner to line your lips before. Then, apply the lip color of choice just in the center and dab lightly with a tissue until you reach your desired amount of pigment. 

Try: Kjaer Weiss Lip Pencil in Red, and Kosas Lipstick in Thrillest.

Try A Lip Tint

A new category of lipstick, the lip tint is just a less-pigmented version of a lipstick. They range from a tinted lip balm to just a less pigmented lipstick and come in just as many colors as lipsticks. Around our offices, this is what we love to wear, as it's easy to apply without a mirror or to remove in a pinch.  

Try: Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Crush or French Girl Organics Lip Le Lip Tint in Cerise.

Find The Right Color For You

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We're also not opposed to rocking a fully-pigmented lip, but sometimes the confidence comes from just finding the right shade for you. A cool toned red might look great on your favorite IG model, but on you, maybe a good orangey-red would really make you glow. Play around with different shades and colors to find one that works for you. Using Kjaer Weis' refillable lipsticks is a great opportunity to switch shades every time you run out.

Try:  Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Love or Axiology Lipstick in Infinite.

Find A Good Lip That Stays Put

One of the main fears about wearing a bright color is it wearing off, or smudging, or something else embarrassing (ahem, lipstick teeth.) But by finding a great lipstick that will stay put all day, your worries will melt away, unlike your lipstick. For this, we recommend either a liquid lip or using a lip liner as a lipstick. Liquid lips can be applied as is, or apply one swipe and smooth over lips for a sheerer effect. 

Try: Clove + Hollow Lip Velvet in Napa

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