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Adaptogens- Say What?

Adaptogens- Say What?

Okay, so adaptogens have bee everywhere lately. Sold as a coffee alternative, a protein alternative, even sold in makeup. But what even IS an adaptogen, and what does it actually do for you? Today we’re diving in to where adaptogens come from, and how they can help you.

What is it?

An adaptogen is something commonly used in herbal medicine to help the body adapt to most commonly stress, but also other ailments such as fatigue. Adaptogens come from plants like ginseng, holy basil, rhodiola, maca, aloe vera, reishi and shiitake among so many others. They can also help to boost your immunity, protect against disease, relieve symptoms of depression, and help to balance mood. The science behind adaptogens is simple. In the words of Four Sigmatic, “You know that good friend who comes over to your house to vent after she’s had a bad day, but then she sees that you’re over-the-moon about some terrific news and promptly adjusts her demeanor to celebrate your happiness with you? That’s what an adaptogen does in the human body: It senses what the body needs and alters its behavior in whatever way necessary to foster peak wellbeing.”

The ones we love:

Since growing in popularity, the market is flooded with all kinds of adaptogens from different brands with different types of adaptogen bases. We’ve got a few that we love, here’s what we’ve been trying.

For an alternative to regular coffee

Our favorite adaptogen drink so far that we’ve found is the Four Sigmatic brand single use packets. They offer a mushroom-infused coffee, a mushroom elixir that’s more similar to tea, a mushroom hot chocolate and mushroom blend that also contains other herbs and berries. Sephora does a great sample box that includes 2 of the regular coffee, Mocha Coffee, Cacao Hot Chocolate, Golden Latte and Chai Latte.

For an alternative to a protein drink

If you love adding a little protein to your smoothies every morning, the Moon Juice Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein is a delicious way to up your adaptogenic herb intake without tasting it. It disappears inside whatever you blend you put it in, we recommend 1/2 a banana, a handful of blueberries, a handful of blackberries and some almond milk. This adaptogenic powder will also help improve skin and boost B12.

For an alternative to a little sweet

Possibly our favorite way to enjoy a little adaptogenic herb, this cacao honey can be enjoyed by the spoonful after dinner or in the morning to ensure you’re getting all of the stress-leveling adaptogens you want. Replace your dairy chocolate with a bit of this for a chocolatey treat that delivers health benefits too!

For a boost to your skincare routine

Ingesting adaptogens is the main way to receive all of their health-boosting benefits, but there is evidence to show that applying these adaptogens topically helps improve skin. Adaptogen gurus Moon Juice have been putting them in everything, including a new facial serum: the Beauty Shroom Plumping Jelly Serum. We included this in a monthly haul a little while back, and we’re still loving it. It never breaks us out, and it helps to protect the moisture barrier on the top of skin helping to lock in moisturizers and skin’s natural oils. Think of it as an extra boost to the adaptogens you’re already ingesting!

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