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Empties 01

Empties 01

We're excited to bring you our very first empties review- we've been carefully saving up what we ran out of and brought them in to tell you guys what we really thought and whether or not we're planning on repurchasing. Keep reading below for the truth about all the products you saw in our IG stories.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz & Boy Brow in Brown

These are two products that we've ran out of and repurchased before- and each time we forget how good they are until we try them again. The Haloscope highlighter is a must have for anyone who enjoys minimalist or on-the-go makeup. This cream stick delivers the perfect amount of glisten without making you look oily, and without any glitter or shimmer, just a slick glow that's natural and absolutely glowing. We apply this to our cheekbones, browbone, tip of our nose and our chin for a cohesively glowing look. Oh, and the boybrow, Do we even need to talk about this gorgeous cult product? If you want full, bushy, one-stop-shop brows that stay put all day, this is the brow gel for you. 

Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisturizer

We've been back and forth with this thick, creamy moisturizer. It has a great texture, barely-there pleasant scent, and the cutest color and packaging, however, it's not a "wow!" product for us. It's good, but it's not amazing, and while our skin was soft and supple in the morning after using it as our nighttime moisturizer, our skin wasn't glowing and looked a bit matte. For someone who has combination skin, this would be a great option for you, but for anyone with dry skin, it might not be moisturizing enough to use as a nighttime moisturizer. 

Farmacy Green Clean

When on the hunt for a cleansing balm that would remove all traces of dirt, makeup, and waterproof mascara, we came across this mint green product that had rave reviews. For girls with oily or combination skin, this is going to be a dream cleanser for you. The balmy texture melts away dirt and makeup completely and wipes away waterproof mascara like it's nothing. For girls with dry skin, however, it may be a bit too stripping on the skin. Since we felt it's a bit drying, we decided to try a more moisturizing makeup remover for the time being, however, this is one that we would go back to if we didn't find something else we liked. 

Leahlani Meli Glow Mask

We've talked about this mask before, so we'll keep it short in this post, but it's everything. No matter what skin type you have, this mask will leave your skin soft, smooth and truly glowing. There is a small exfoliating factor to this mask, so when rinsing off we love to massage in small circles to get rid of any excess dead skin cells. The nectar in the mask leaves your skin moisturized and soft, and the fruit enzymes clear away the gunk in the surface of your skin revealing a gorgeous complexion. 

HUM Glow Sweet Glow

We've also talked about this product before in a few posts, but it's another HG item that we've already repurchased. The hyaluronic acid and essential vitamins in these tangerine flavored gummies help to pump up skin and retain moisture, and completely changed our skin for the better! Pesky dry patches that we just couldn't get rid of disappeared and our skin looked so much more lit-from-within. 

Juice Beauty Body Firming Moisturizer

Another one of our basic products, this moisturizer is a great, simple moisturizer to mix with a y body oil. While we didn't feel like this moisturizer on it's own made a huge difference in our skin (other than releiving excess dryness) it's a great moisturizer to mix with scented body oils as it doesn't pill up, nor does it have a distinct scent. It's also a gret price for the amount of product you get, and is availible at any ULTA store for a mositurizer emergency. 


Our Most Important Products on Our Vanity

Our Most Important Products on Our Vanity

Herbivore Botanics: The True Blue Set

Herbivore Botanics: The True Blue Set