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Trying Beauty Collagen: Vital Protein vs. The Beauty Chef

Trying Beauty Collagen: Vital Protein vs. The Beauty Chef

While the inner beauty market is steadily growing, beauty collagens and “beauty water” products are starting to become available everywhere from Trader Joe’s to Sephora to Target. We’ve been long time lovers of the Beauty Chef Collagen water for the results, the smoothness and the taste. But after seeing the Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen everywhere, we decided to do a little test to see how it compared to our favorite collagen.

We stopped by one of our favorite shops for drugstore clean beauty, Fairway, and picked up two sample size single packs of the Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen Water. One was in Lavender Lemon and the other Melon Mint flavor, which both sounded lovely and light. They promise skin, hair, nail and joint support with 120mg of Hyaluronic acid to help skin hold on to water and moisture.

The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Beauty Boost helps to increase collagen by delivering live probiotics to the gut and amping up your gut health for the gateway to glowing skin via your gut.


Ease of Use

The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost is a syrupy liquid that you simply pour into your water and give a quick stir. After that, it doesn’t settle on the bottom, nor does it glob up or move. It’s easy to drink and to throw into your water bottle if you’re in a pinch. One tablespoon per 200mL is about half a glass of water, so it’s super easy to drink in the morning when you’re getting ready or as an after lunch pick me up in the office for something a little sweet.

The Vital Proteins Beauty Collegans come in either a big tub or you can purchase it in grab-and-go packets. I got my hands on one of the packets each, and so it was pre portioned for me and ready to pour into my water. However, once it was in my glass, I coudn’t get it to smoothly blend like the Beauty Chef one. Obviously, the VP one is a powder, so it’s not going to blend as well as a liquid but this was crazy. It stuck together in little chunks that looked like big pieces of fuzz were floating around in my glass and as soon as I felt like maybe it was mixed well enough, it would immediately start to settle on the bottom or clump up together again.

The Taste

The VP Beauty Collagens were both extremely light flavors, and personally not to my taste. I could have maybe drank some of the Lavender Lemon, it had just an essence of it, but mostly tasted like plain water. However, the Melon Mint flavor was so bad that I almost couldn’t choke it down. The mix of melon and mint sounded good in theory, but it tasted almost bad as in past the expiration date, just not something I would ever want to sip on.

The Beauty Chef’s collagen liquid has a slightly pomegranate taste, mixed with a bit of blueberry and raspberry but it just slightly flavors the water, nothing too sweet. I do find myself wishing I could have it more than once a day as it’s just so delicious and just a slightly-sweet little treat instead of soda or a sugary drink.

So What Now?

We’re going to keep on using our Beauty Chef collagen for a delicious way to consume our collagen with a probiotic bonus. The VP Beauty Powders were just too, well, powdery and we just couldn’t get on with it. Why mess with perfection, eh?

Have you tried the Vital Protein Powders? What do you think?

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