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We Found The Perfect Facial Oil- And You've Probably Never Heard of It

We Found The Perfect Facial Oil- And You've Probably Never Heard of It

Some of the most loved products in my makeup bag started out as a free sample that were sent over in an online order or thrown in the bag at checkout without a second thought. In one of my recent Detox Market orders, they threw in a sample of their Altogether Oil- a face, hair and body multipurpose oil that includes a blend of Jojoba and Macadamia oils as well as Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E for extra hydration. It’s $32 for 3.4 oz , which is an amazing deal as most oils cost between $28 to upwards of $100 for only 1 oz. It’s also a Detox Market exclusive from their in-house multi-purpose brand detox mode that also includes a sleep mask, body scrub and skin balm.

So let’s get into why we’re obsessed with this HG facial oil.

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The Mist

The mist, oh my god, THE MIST! This oil is a multiurpose oil that can be used on your hair, face, and body, so the smart people at Detox Mode created the perfect mist to spray directly on legs, arms, and everywhere else. No more dropper, crappy spray nozzle, or leaking bottle.

The Scent

This oil has a light, earthy scent but nothing too strong yet definitely nice enough to spray all over the body on a summer’s night and skip the perfume. It’s a unique scent that I just can’t put my finger on, but it smells good, that I know.

The Blendability

I’m also obsessed with how well this oil blends into the skin. On the face, I first apply my serum, then moisturizer, then throw a pump of this on top and gently massage into the skin. It doesn’t take long to sink in, and if you have dry skin, this oil won’t leave your skin feeling tight once it sinks in and dries, it keeps your skin hydrated and promotes elasticity. When I use it on the body, I apply a body butter or moisturizer and then put a few pumps of this oil on top, and it sinks in just as quick as the moisturizer and leaves my skin so soft and supple.

It’s Great For Sensitive Skin

A few months ago, I realized that facial oils were a no no for my sensitive, (newly) acne prone skin. I stopped using all of my oils and my acne slowly got better while I stuck to a super simple cleaner-moisturizer routine. As the months moved on and my skin finally became normal again, I slowly began adding products back into my routine to see what my skin liked and didn’t, and I got to know my skin from scratch. I added in a serum that I originally thought didn’t do much for my skin, but was pleasantly surprised at how hydrated it kept my skin. And after receiving a small sample of this oil in a Detox Market order, I decided to try it one night and see how my skin liked it. In combination with the rest of my routine, I woke up in shock: my skin was so hydrated, soft and smooth, something it hadn’t been in almost a year. For my skin, something in this oil calms down my acne and keeps it completely hidden, and has me waking up with gorgeous skin every morning. If you suffer with acne or sensitive skin, I highly recommend trying out this oil to see if it helps or if it’s an oil that you won’t react to.

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